Antígua Guatemala, Guatemala
09 August

Labyrinth is a sculpture project to be realized in a large scale (currently I have produced a few scale models). The base material can vary depending on the environment where it will be located. This piece could be made in steel, resin, plastic or wood.

How the idea of Labyrinth does come about? For me it is a way to exemplify life, because when you mention the word "Labyrinth" it suggests a secret; an unknown, uncertainty, games, fear, joy, fantasy... We associate Labyrinth to the unknown; to enter a place that we do not know how we will find the exit; with its maze with moments of darkness and moments of clarity; but after trying and trying to find the exit, we see light; the light that leads us to be back out of the Labyrinth. Just like in our life, when we manage to get out of our own Labyrinth, we feel free again.

Tags: art, Sculpture, Design

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