Antígua Guatemala, Guatemala
26 October
Tesoro a la Vista / Articulo publicado en Prensa Libre



I feel the desire to share with you, dear visitor, a little of the ocean of my life, of the moments that inspire me; moments that fill me with joy, peace and despair; and the products of these moments.

I like the comparison of life with an ocean; where when its waters are agitated it is impossible to see the bottom; everything becomes confusing. However, when the waves have become calm, then you can clearly be seen the ocean´s content, and so is life.

Life is a gift; something that we must live and make the most of every moment. Yes, I love the moments I share with my friends accompanied by a good bottle of wine and good music, something that is never missing. Good books, soccer matches in the company of my husband, a good exercise routine at the gym. I love to help my homeless people and to try to make every life I touch, happy. Unfortunately this is not always possible with all the people you meet, but at least I try my best.

But again, as with every human being I have my moments of frustration; moments in which I cannot express through my painting what I want to say. Yes, those are the worst moments that I live; when there's so much within your being and you can not define it in a canvas. But I've learned to not despair, and not only paint for the sake of painting; because for me, painting is the purest expression of the soul and in this cannot be lied or pretend to; it is in these moments of my life that I stop and I can only meditate; let myself get carried away by what I feel; to live it and to enjoy it. That's life; you cannot force what does not correspond in that moment in time. 

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